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At Ved Clinic you get to interact with Ayurveda physician with more than 10 years of clinical practice. We provide Ayurvedic treatments that are thoroughly tested and analysed. The best part is that the therapies are provided by trained and experienced therapists under the supervision of the Ayurveda physicians. According to Ayurveda, absence of disease is not enough to indicate good health. True health refers to wellness of body as well as mind. The Ayurvedic treatments offered at Ved clinic are strictly based on this principle and hence we take into consideration every patient’s mental health while treating physical illness. The Ayurvedic treatments are designed in such a way that one feels tremendous mental satisfaction along with relief of physical ailments.

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Suvarnaprashan or Swarnaprashan as it is also known is the act of consuming a noble metal(gold) as per Ayurveda. It is one of the essential sixteen rituals or
Suvarnaprashan or Swarnaprashan as it is also known is the act of consuming a noble metal(gold) as per Ayurveda. It is one of the essential sixteen rituals or "Sodashk Sanskaar" as mentioned in the ancient text undertaken to nourish/improve the physical and mental development of children. Gold Ash mixed with a combination of Honey and Cow ghee are fortified along with other herbs like brahmi, sankhpushpi etc to form a unique combination that essentially supports nourishment. As per kashyap Samhita ( Classical Ayurveda Text on Pediatrics) the prime benefits of swarnaprashan are as folls: 1) To Boost immunity system. 2) To Enhance memory power. 3) To Improve digestion. 4) To Improve overall physical and mental health. Importance of Pushya Nakshatra in Swarnraprashan : Pushya Nakshatra is one of the 27 Nakshatras as indicated in astrology. During this phase the star realign themselves to a shape of the COW UDDER (which is associated with nourishment).Hence the name "Pushya". The classical Text also refer that the human body is most receptive to any external nourishment stimulus on this very auspicious time. Hence while commencing or recommending Swarnaprashan to any kids its best to begin on the advised day and then continue to administer the same as per the Ayurveda physicians recommendation. Swarnaprashan can be administered to any child from a newborn to the age of sixteen. Dosage and frequency is best to be discussed with your Ayurveda Physician.
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Udvartanam INR 0 INR 0 This massage uses an hot potency herbal powder that is mixed with warm oil/water/decoction and massaged onto the whole body with special attention to areas of increased fat deposition. The hot potency oils & powders along with the upward strokes help liquefy the fatty depositions and channelize them towards elimination from the body. Very effective in obesity, paraplegia, paralysis, skin diseases, impaired circulation. False 1529135723
Ahbyangam INR 1000 INR 1000 A full body massage (Head to Toe) done with medicated herbal oils. A standard procedure with specific strokes helps in mental, physical and emotional relaxation. Benefits Massages are beneficial in preventing wrinkles and scales, relieving aches & pains,curing Spondylosis, Sleep disorders, Paralysis, improving physical consistency, inducing sound sleep, increasing general sense of well being and life span.Advised atlest once every 15 days Mode of action Long flowing strokes in Abhyangam stimulates nerve endings to increase blood circulation & channelise early elimination of toxins from the body. The herbs in the medicated oils rejuvenate the tissues and play a vital role in elimination of toxins and bring about a feeling of general wellbeing. Contraindications Not advised in acute illnesses and fever, emaciation,extreme obesity, during heavy menstruation, Just after a heart attack. True 1519051557
Pizhichil INR 2300 INR 2300 Pizhichil is the squeezing of warm medicated oil onto the body of the patient either from a piece of cloth that is periodically soaked in a vessel or from a vessel containing the medicated oil. Pizhichil literally means squeezing. Benefits This is a highly rejuvenating treatment that enhances muscular tone and retunes the entire nervous system, promotes relaxation, blood circulation, nourishes muscles, nerves tissues, inner balance. Mode of action It acts as a free radical scavenger antioxidant, toning, strengthening and deeply rejuvenating the whole body. Contraindications fever, indigestion & rheumatoid arthritis. Book Appointment False 1528442492
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