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Avail the benefits of Swarnaprashan on 14th July 2018 Why does my child suffer from repeated bouts of Fever, Running Nose and Restlessness??? Are you worried about your Childs Intellect? Is my child a slow learner? Is his/her immunity power suppressed?? These questions are often playing in the parent’s mind …... Give your child the advantages of Swarnaprashan (Suvarnaprashan) – An Ayurveda recommended immunity and memory booster As per kashyap Samhita (Classical Ayurveda Text on Pediatrics) the prime benefits of swarnaprashan are as folls: 1) To boost immunity system. 2) To enhance memory power. 3) To improve digestion. 4) To Improve overall physical and mental health. Ayurveda recommends the benefits of Swarnaprashan to all Children. Infants with Compromised Immunity, Delayed Milestones, Learning Disabilities, Poor Concentration are also highly benefited by regular Swarnaprashan. What is Swarnaprashan? Suvarnaprashan or Swarnaprashan as it is also known is the act of consuming a noble metal (gold). It is one of the essential sixteen rituals or "Sodashk Sanskaar" as mentioned in the ancient text undertaken to nourish/improve the physical and mental development of children. Gold Ash mixed with a combination of Honey and Cow ghee is fortified along with other herbs like Brahmi, Sankhpushpi etc to form a unique combination that essentially supports nourishment. When do I give my child Swarnaprashan? Vedic Astrology indicates the Nakshatra “Pushya” as the most holy and conducive to nourishment. Ayurveda recommends beginning with Swarnaprashan on the same nakshatra and repeating the advised dosage as per recommendation. The classical Text also refer that the human body is most receptive to any external nourishment stimulus on this very auspicious time Important Dates for Swarnaprashan in 2018 July - 14th 2018 August - 10th 2018 September – 6th 2018 (Gurupushamrut ie Thursday as well ) October – 4th (Gurupushamrut ie Thursday as well ) October - 31st 2018 November - 28th 2018 December – 25th 2018 Is Swarnaprashan painful? No Swarnaprashan is given orally, the presence of Honey and ghee makes the same easily palatable. How is Swarnaprashan given in VED CLINIC? At Ved Clinic a great emphasis is given on addressing the presenting signs and complaints of the child (If Any).Detailed history taking helps understand the dietary and sanitary habits of the child. The Mental assessment helps provide information on the Childs ability to grasp and recollect his studies. After detailed physical evaluation, action plan is drafted in consultation with the parents. The child is reevaluated based on the same parameters in the preceding visits for benefits or review. For appointment contact Ved Clinic @ 8097235120 You can also visit / for online appointment bookings Consultation available at the clinic from 10.00 am - 1.00 pm & 6.30 pm to 9.00 pm (Mondays to Saturdays)
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