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Leucorrhea or white discharge Leucorrhea is a thick, whitish or yellowish discharge from vagina and almost all women would get this during reproductive cycle. Although the vaginal discharge will be normally white in color, for some women it may be yellow or greenish yellow. Causes: 1. Hormonal imbalance 2. Improper hygiene or sanitary habits 3. Infection in the genital area like sexually transmitted diseases, yeast infection, bacterial infection, fungal infection etc. 4. Anaemia 5. Post delivery 6. Diabetes Types: 1. Physiological: Every women has vaginal discharge of white colour normally also. This is due to hormonal changes happening in the body during menstrual cycle. It is caused by the defense mechanism of the body for restoring chemical balance. It also preserves to maintain the flexibility of the vagina and the surrounding tissues. It has got its name “physiological” due to the reason that vaginal discharge occurs when estrogen levels are increased. 2. Pathological: White discharge when accompanied by foul smell or itching or redness in the vaginal area, it is a cause of concern. Sometimes this white discharge turns greenish or yellowish due to underlying infection. This is called as pathological leucorrhea. Symptoms : A woman who has increased whitish discharge will experience weakness and lethargy. It is seen as thick and sticky white colored discharge from the vagina between the periods. It can also be accompanied by headache for some women. Due to frequent discharge, there may be pain in the calf muscle and in the lumbar region. Ayurvedic view: Ayurveda describes leucorrhea as “Shweta Pradar”. ( Shweta= White, Pradar = excessive discharge). The main reason behind this disease is vitiated Kapha dosha. This kapha dosha vitiates due to many reasons. Main reason behind this is our faulty dietary habits. Treatment: Allopathic medicine provides symptomatic relief. It treats the underlying infection but does not rule out the cause of infection. Ayurveda provides a holistic approach towards this disease. It mainly aims at reducing the kapha levels in the body thereby treating the root cause of the disease. This is done with the help of following steps. 1. Internal medicines which reduce the kapha dosha. 2. Advice on Diet and lifestyle 3. Localized cleaning or Yoni dhavan.( Herbal decoction or kadha is used for vaginal douche.) Duration of treatment varies from 7 days to 6 months depending upon the severity and underlying causes. For more info contact us on 8097235120 or visit our website
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